Actiflow Streamlines Design for aerodynamics

Research and

Analysis, design and optimization of flow related products

We help our customers in a wide range of industries. We analyze and improve the performance of existing products, or we design new products from scratch based on the broad knowledge of our engineering team in the fields of product development, control system design, simulation, analysis, optimization and prototyping, but our knowledge in fluid flows is unique and sets us apart.

For flow related products, we are convinced that our specialised knowledge and our project approach are the best guarantee for an optimal balance between functionality, aesthetics and price of the endproduct.


We offer different services, depending on the customer, the product and the development phase:

  • Full product development or R&D consultancy
  • Advanced flow simulations (CFD)
  • Aerodynamic analysis and design
  • Airflow measurements on site
  • Prototyping and testing
  • Design of airflow control software



In many development trajectories, airflow or fluid flow plays an important role. However, the importance of knowledge about flow dynamics is often not recognized in the early stages of a design process. We see a lot of potential by a multi-disciplinary design approach in which high end knowledge, simulation tools and (if possible) prototyping are involved as early as possible. This way, complex design challenges can be unravelled, trial and error can be avoided and risks can be reduced.

During the development process, we keep the design loops short, and we constantly validate our designs through conceptual calculations, simulations and physical measurements. Concerning flow related products, we mainly use Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations to visualize and quantify the behaviour of air, other gasses or liquids before moving to physical testing. By making multiple small design iterations while constantly validating the results, the time and budget can be closely monitored and technical and financial risks are reduced. This is how we make sure that projects are finished in time and within budget.