Actiflow Building Physics Airflow simulations for comfort, safety and sustainability in the built environment.

Architectural analysis and advice

We study airflow around and inside buildings to optimize the built environment in terms of comfort, safety and sustainability

Our projects can involve building components, specific rooms, large production halls, entire buildings up to urban areas and entire cities. Our customers can be architects, developers, contractors or engineering consultants who share with us their (conceptual) building design, HVAC system design or fire safety measures. Our projects mainly involve simulations to judge the design, to identify possible flow related issues and to come up with solutions.



We like to be involved in the building design process as soon as possible to have a maximum impact. As input for our work, our customer provides us with a 3D CAD-model of a (new) building, room, parking, etc. When this is not available, Actiflow is able to build a 3D model from scratch, based on 2D drawings or other information.

Based on the initial simulation results, we indicate potential problems and we suggest solutions. Together with our customer, we discuss which solutions are practically feasible, and which follow-up simulations will be performed to validate these solutions. Step by step, we finally reach a solution that meets all requirements and norms, and that is acceptable to all stakeholders.


CFD and more

CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) is the tool we use most to visualize the airflow in and around buildings. To get the most out of our simulations and to increase the understanding of the results, Actiflow developed a way to visualize CFD results through virtual reality (VR).

If CFD is not the most (cost) efficient tool to answer the question of our customer, we choose alternative methods like wind tunnel measurements or other simulation techniques that suit the challenges at hand.


Standards & norms

Our simulations are performed according to all available standards and norms. In some cases, Actiflow even participated in the development of the norms. Actiflow has more than 10 years of experience, so our simulation approach is based on hundreds of projects and continuous validation efforts.

Our services can be divided in 3 categories:

Wind studies
Wind comfort, wind loads, wind noise.
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Indoor climate studies
Thermal comfort, spreading of pollutants/fume and indoor climate for special purpose rooms like operating rooms, cleanrooms or datacenters.
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Fire safety simulations
Smoke and heat removal, evacuation, fire propagation, risk analysis.
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