Expert in fluid dynamics Actiflow is an R&D consultancy with a unique expertise in fluid dynamics


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Actiflow is expert in fluid dynamics

We help our customers with the development of flow related systems and products or with flow related issues in the built environment. Through CFD computer simulations we visualize and quantify gas & liquid flows, offering our customers great insights into the functioning of their system, product or building. We also assist our customers by taking care of a large part of the design process of flow related products.


Building Physics

Airflow simulations for comfort, safety and sustainability in the built environment.
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Analysis, design & optimization of flow related products and systems. More information

Recent projects

Actiflow is happy to help with any challenge that fits our expertise, check out our recent projects:

Building physics analysis and advise

Optimization of airflow for comfort, safety and durability in the built environment

We use computer simulations to study airflow around and inside buildings. As a result, we can advise our customers in the fields of:

Wind comfort, wind loads, wind noise
Indoor climate
Thermal comfort, filtration of air pollution / smoke, indoor climate for production halls, offices, atria, classrooms, data centers, cleanrooms, operating rooms, etc.
Fire safety
Smoke and heat removal (RWA), evacuation, fire propagation, smoke filling time, risk analysis

Research & Development

Fluid dynamics R&D consultancy

We help our customers with the analysis, design & optimization of flow related products and systems in a wide range of industries. We analyze and improve the performance of existing products, or we design new products from scratch based on the broad knowledge of our engineering team in the fields of product development, control system design, simulation, analysis, optimization and prototyping, but our knowledge in fluid flows is unique and sets us apart.

We offer a wide range of services, depending on the customer, the product and the development phase

  • Full product development or R&D consultancy for flow related products and systems
  • Advanced flow simulations (CFD)
  • Aerodynamic analysis and design
  • Airflow measurements on site
  • Prototyping and testing
  • Design of airflow control software