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Train aerodynamics

Actiflow performed a CFD study for Lloyd's Register Rail Europe to simulate the airflow around a train. Lloyd's Register Rail is involved in the renovation of trains for the NS. In the context of these renovations several modifications were considered to reduce the drag by adjusting the openings in the roof surface of the train. Actiflow studied the aerodynamic effect of two design modifications suggested by the customer.

The suggested modifications were applied in the current design of the train in a 6- and 4-carriage configuration and analyzed through simulations. By comparing the total drag forces on the original train design with the modified design the reduction in total drag force could be determined for each modification. Thereby, the pressure distribution and the flow field around the train was analyzed to gain insight into the aerodynamic effect of the modifications. With the reduction in total drag force Lloyd's Register could determine the potential energy cost savings for each design modification and create a clear business case for their customer.