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Nuna Solar car

Aerodynamic design is an important aspect of the entire design of the ‘Nuna’, a solar powered car developed by students from Delft University. Actiflow assisted the Nuon Solar Team by performing flow simulations of the Nuna4, the Nuna5 and recently the Nuna6. The flow simulations are used to identify the different sources of aerodynamic drag. Thanks to the simulations, new insights are gained, which enable the students to minimise the drag of the car, taking into account all boundary conditions.

The Nuon Solar Team participates in the World Solar Challenge (WSC), a race for solar cars over a distance of about 3000 km across Australia. The race is held every 2 years. Nuna4 was the proud winner of the WSC in 2007, Nuna5 ended as runner-up in 2009.