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Design heating system Bakenesser Church Haarlem

The Bakenesser church in the city of Haarlem will accommodate an archaeological bureau after the planned renovation. Because of this new function of the church, it will have a different format. People will be working here on a daily basis. The current indoor climate in the church is considered too cold. Engineering company LBP|Sight asked Actiflow to investigate different HVAC configurations to optimize the indoor climate by means of a CFD study.

In order to investigate the indoor climate, the church interior was modelled with the proposed heating system and arrangement of desks, closets and a glass case which separates the office environment from the public part of the church. The CFD study revealed the thermal effects of the different heating units, and it also revealed that the arrangement of the desks and the other furniture has a large impact on the draught in the room. Based on the CFD results, the optimal heating system for the church could be designed.