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Customer's corner

Koen Janssen, MRE, process manager - Van Roey Vastgoed NV

At the moment Van Roey Vastgoed and Koramic Real Estate developed a high-rise building project in Kortrijk (Belgium).

The wind climate, both at ground level and terraces, is for us a very important parameter comfort and also determines the outdoor comfort and quality of life in the public domain. Actiflow was for us the perfect partner to guide you during the study of the wind climate in and around the project. As project developers, we have therefore asked Actiflow to determine if wind discomfort and wind danger could occur, and if so, what action should then be taken in order to anticipate this.

Through extensive modeling (geometry, domain size, resolution, etc.) and a detailed presentation of the results, Actiflow provided us with a picture which gave an overview of the wind climate that can be expected for the planned project development. Additionally Actiflow provides insight into and an explanation of any problems that may occur. We appreciate the creative and solution-oriented approach of Actiflow: at least as important as the detecting the risks of wind discomfort and wind danger is to present a strategy to reduce the risks to a minimum to be able to offer an optimum comfort to our future residents. Actiflow showed itself as a full and competent partner in our project.

March 8, 2014
Actiflow's 9th anniversary
Actiflow 9 years

On March 8, we celebrated Actiflow's 9th anniversary. Time goes fast. In the past years, we had our ups and downs, but we are very proud of the results of all our work.

We have built a nice portfolio of regular customers, and we are able to work on exciting and challenging projects.

Our tenth operational year has just begun, which means that we will have a big party next year. The 10th anniversary of Actiflow will be celebrated with all our partners and customers. We want to leave nothing to chance, so the preparations will start soon. At the end of this year, you can expect the first announcements.

April 2014
In the spotlight: Sustainable Durable Systems - Roofclix®™ roof tiles

Sustainable Durable Systems B.V., SDS ( has as product developer with the Roofclix®™ system a major asset in relation with energy saving within buildings. Actiflow performed CFD calculation in order to validate, to justify and to possible improve the system where possible.

The Roofclix®™ systems exists of isolated, white, plastic roof tiles which are connected to eachother by means of a coupler. These coupler have a base. As a consequence, a cavity below the tiles is generated.

The generated cavity has positive effects, both in summer and in winter:

  • In the summer, reflecting a very large part of the sunlight through the white surface of the tiles. Any heat that is conveyed by the tiles or the roof to the cavity will be discharged into the cavity through the air flow
  • This minimum air flow in the cavity ensures an extra insulating layer during winter. This constitutes the entire roof structure as a thermal envelope, including the cavity and the insulated roof tiles and thermal envelope. This leads to an increase in the insulating effect of the roof.

For validation (comparison with measurements), underpinning and possible improvement of the Roofclix®™ system CFD calculations were performed. The calculations showed that the air velocity in the cavity is dependent of air exchange near the edges. This allows for varying air velocities and air conditions depending on the location on the roof. The air temperature in the cavity will be considerably higher in winter conditions than the outside air temperature, because the speeds are very low.

The first consideration has shown that the operation of the Roofclix®™ system is as expected, and that there is still room for improvement. Currently SDS and Actiflow are working on the improvement and on the visualisation of the effects.

March 2014
Actiflow at the ESEF and ID fair
Industrial Design fair 2014

From March 11 to 14, Actiflow had a booth at the ESEF fair in Utrecht, and one week later at the Industrial design fair of Delft University of Technology.

Every 2 years, the ESEF fair is a gathering of all professional parties interested in product development and engineering. The Industrial Design fair is more focussed on students considering a career as industrial designer. Both fairs are important for Actiflow in order to improve our brand recognition.

Through this newsletter, we would like to thank all the people that visited our booths. Thanks to your visit, both fairs were successful for Actiflow. Now it is time to follow up all these nice conversations. As a result, we can hopefully deliver a significant contribution to some new and exciting projects.

April-June 2014
Last but not least
Vlerick Business School

From April to June, 3 MBA students from Vlerick Business School will do their 'In Company Project' at Actiflow.

During a period of 8 weeks, the students will help Actiflow with a business plan for the innovations that Actiflow has in mind. The students will work in the Actiflow office to have a maximum exchange of information. Only this way, it can be guaranteed that the results of their work will be realistic and actually useful for Actiflow. At the end of the project, the results will be presented and defended before a jury.

We are looking forward to work with these MBA students. We wish them good luck. The expectations are high.