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Company profile

Actiflow was founded in March 2005 as a spin off from Delft University of Technology. Our kick off project involved the introduction of an active flow control system for vehicles. Through the years, Actiflow gained lots of experience in the automotive industry, cooperating with large OEMs in the aerodynamic development of new cars and in the optimization of their wind tunnel experiments.

Parallel to our activities in the automotive, Actiflow started offering flow analysis and consulting services in many other industries in 2007. Since then, Actiflow has grown into a respected knowledge partner in the building industry, the process industry, the medical industry, the High-Tech sector, the automotive sector and the energy sector. In a team of experts in fluid dynamics, high end knowledge of gas and liquid flows is turned into clear advice for the functional improvement of products, systems and buildings.


We are a project organisation and we understand that we have to prove ourselves every single project. Therefore, we have an excellent team of engineers with a background in aerospace, building physics, CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) and measurement & control. To support our services, we have a large computer cluster and we have easy access to external test facilities.


Validation is crucial for good and reliable computer simulations. If possible, we use literature, measurements in the field or measurements in wind tunnels to validate our software and our simulation settings. We carry out these measurements ourselves. Actiflow is now more than 10 years old, so our simulation approach is based on more than 10 years of project experience in many different industries. This is how we can ensure the reliability of our CFD simulations.

Actiflow started as spin off from Delft University of Technology, but also now, we still have a close relationship with Delft University. Thanks to this cooperation, we stay up to date and have access to the latest innovations and research results. This is how we ensure our market position and that of our customers.